van Aubel


Marjan van Aubel (born 1985, the Netherlands) is an award-winning solar designer whose innovative practice spans the fields of sustainability, design and technology.  

As an energy pioneer, van Aubel works in collaboration with scientists, engineers and institutions to promote extreme efficiency through design


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“Current Table one of the top picks across all nominations Design of the Year”

Current table is not only a table, it also functions as a source of energy. The table is gathering energy from its environment to charge your appliances.

The table’s surface is made of Dye Sensitised Solar Cells, using the properties of colour to create electrical current. The technique is based on the photosynthesis in plants. Similarly to green chlorophyll absorbing light, the colours in the table harness energy. You can plug in your devices through integrated USB ports on the side of the table.

Current Table


Nominated for Design of The year Award, part of permanent collection Boijmans van Beuningen Museum.


Made possible by the nice support of the Dutch Stimuleringsfonds. The DSSC have been kindly sponsored by Solaronix

Studio film Nieuwe Instituut

Power Plant

Research to the 21st Century greenhouse, using modern technologies.


At Caventou, we are redefining solar technology by rethinking our relationship with energy and the objects that use it.

Foam China

Foaming expanding porcelain

Foaming Wood

Foaming Wood is an investigation of wood shavings combined with a bioresin.

Both the Well Proven Collection and Table 1/7 resulted from this research.

Dye Sensitised Solar Cells

Foaming volcanic rock

This is an impression of a research trip to the island of Stromboli by James Shaw and Marjan van Aubel.