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Marjan van Aubel Studio is an award-winning innovative solar design practice that brings solar energy into daily life. Designing for a positive future through combining the fields of sustainability, design and technology.


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Oli Stratford, Disegno’s Editor-in-chief

“It’s strange and beautiful.”


Moon Light is made from a self-developed foam porcelain – a lightweight and malleable material that, in the kiln, rises like bread and expands to up to three times its original size.
The lamp explores the foaming material’s aesthetic properties. Making use of its translucency to diffuse light, it glows gently through a foam porcelain disk, featuring a cratered surface that’s reminiscent of the lunar landscape.



Moon Light

Foaming Porcelain

Solar Producer

Studio Dialogue 3

Studio Dialogue 2

Studio Dialogue 1

Solar Democracy

Studio film Nieuwe Instituut


Foam China

Foaming expanding porcelain.

Foaming volcanic rock

This is an impression of a research trip to the island of Stromboli by James Shaw and Marjan van Aubel.