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Marjan van Aubel is an award-winning solar designer whose innovative practice spans the fields of sustainability, design and technology.  

As an energy pioneer, van Aubel works in collaboration with scientists, engineers and institutions to promote extreme efficiency through design


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The foaming wood process is a scientific approach to waste minimisation: From just one wooden table, seven new tables can be constructed.

Wood from one table is planed down into its constituent wood particles and recast. The wood is mixed with bio-resin to create a foaming chemical reaction which results in the material expanding to twice its size. The resulting shape of the new table reflects the vivacious behaviour of the material during the making process.

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Foaming Wood

Images taken by Wai Ming Ng


Studio Dialogue 1

Solar Democracy

Studio film Nieuwe Instituut


Foam China

Foaming expanding porcelain

Foaming volcanic rock

This is an impression of a research trip to the island of Stromboli by James Shaw and Marjan van Aubel.