van Aubel


Marjan van Aubel is an award-winning solar designer whose innovative practice spans the fields of sustainability, design and technology.  

As an energy pioneer, van Aubel works in collaboration with scientists, engineers and institutions to promote extreme efficiency through design


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This solar glassware collection is constantly at work: whether you’re drinking from your glass or have it resting on a table, it’s gathering energy from the light that surrounds it.

Each glass object comes with integrated solar cells, and when put away in their specially designed cabinet, the energy is transferred and collected in the structure. The cabinet then functions like a battery, through which you can charge and power your appliances indoors.

Within each piece of glassware is a photovoltaic layer of Dye Sensitised Solar Cell (DSSC). In these cells, properties of colour are used to create electrical currents of varied strength. Each colour has a unique wavelength and collects different currents; for example, purple is more efficient than blue.

Winner Material Prize 2012

The Energy Collection


Winner of the DOEN materiaalprijs 2012.

Dye-sensitised solar cell technology was invented by Michael Graetzel at EPFL


Studio Dialogue 1

Solar Democracy

Studio film Nieuwe Instituut


Foam China

Foaming expanding porcelain

Foaming volcanic rock

This is an impression of a research trip to the island of Stromboli by James Shaw and Marjan van Aubel.